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The October report begins with the implementation of the European Digital Markets Act (DMA) and the designation of six gatekeepers by the European Commission: Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, ByteDance, Meta, and Microsoft. The report also deals with the strike of the unions representing writers and actors in the United States (US) and the preliminary labour agreement between the Writers Guild of America and major studios and streamers, a deal which ended one of two strikes that have halted a major part of film and TV production in the US. In addition, the report emphasizes new partnerships, i.e., the one between Google and Universal Music Group (UMG) towards Artificial Intelligence (AI)-generated music, the collaboration between TikTok and Billboard, and the partnership between Deezer and UMG toward a new music streaming model seeking to generate bigger royalties for artists and creators. Finally, the report turns to new business plans and the struggle for geographical expansion among streaming services, focusing on YouTube, Deezer, Netflix, Paramount+, and Max.

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    Artificial intelligence, antitrust, copyright: Streaming services between regulation and new partnerships

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    23 October 2023
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