The February report begins with the new resolution adopted by the European Parliament toward cultural diversity and the conditions for authors in the European music streaming market. The resolution addresses the imbalance in revenue allocation from the music streaming industry and seeks to ensure authors and performers are paid and promoted fairly. It also calls for European music works to be visible, prominent, and accessible. In addition, the report also deals with the Code of Practice on transparency in music streaming released by the UK Intellectual Property Office and the debate around the new music streaming tax to be adopted in France. In addition, the report highlights the clash between Apple and Spotify around the implementation of the Digital Markets Act and the ways both platforms intend to comply with the Act. Moreover, the report emphasizes new partnerships and business plans, focusing on the decision of Universal Music Group to remove music from TikTok, as well as on the investment in content from Amazon and Netflix. Finally, the report turns to the struggle for subscribers and geographical expansion among streaming services, with those of Netflix and Spotify.

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    Transformations in cultural governance: Fairness, transparency, and digital platforms

    Global watch
    26 February 2024
    Global watch