Photo © FICDC/IFCCD – Orélie Brûlet

On June 4, 2023, at their General Meeting, the members of the International Federation of Coalitions for Cultural Diversity (IFCCD) elected a new Board of Directors for the next four years.

The composition of the IFCCD Board of Directors is as follows:

  • President, Guillaume Prieur, French Coalition for Cultural Diversity
  • Vice-President Africa, Mahamadou Adamou, Nigerian Coalition for Cultural Diversity
  • Vice-President Americas, Alejandra Diaz, Paraguayan Coalition for Cultural Diversity
  • Vice-President Asia-Pacific, Rowan Woods, Australian Coalition for Cultural Diversity (ACCD)
  • Treasurer, Manassé Nguinambay Ndoua, Chadian Coalition for Cultural Diversity
  • Secretary, Holly Aylett, United Kingdom Coalition for Cultural Diversity (UKCCD)

Marie-Julie Desrochers, General Secretary of the Canadian Coalition for the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, completes the IFCCD management team.

“The IFCCD is a flagship organization for the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions, and it is an honor for me to take over its leadership. More than ever, civil society needs a strong, concerted voice to help promote the 2005 Convention. During this mandate, I intend to pay particular attention to the development and strengthening of our member coalitions, and to the expansion of our membership. The IFCCD will also be a driving force behind proposals to make the digital age an opportunity for cultural diversity: we will be taking initiatives to encourage the discoverability of works online and the supervision of artificial intelligence,” declared Guillaume Prieur. “Finally, we intend to invest in the emerging fair culture movement, which we see as a promising instrument for promoting the Convention and improving its implementation.”

The IFCCD welcomes new directors Rowan Woods, from the Australian Coalition, and Manassé Nguinambay Ndoua, from the Chadian Coalition.

Finally, the Federation warmly thanks former President Beat Santschi of the Swiss Coalition, and former African and Asia-Pacific Vice-Presidents Kodjo Cyriaque Noussouglo of the Togolese Coalition and Ray Argall of the Australian Coalition. All three have been involved with the Federation since its very beginning. Their commitment to promoting and protecting the diversity of cultural expressions worldwide is remarkable, and was underscored by tributes from their peers during the General Meeting.

At the General Meeting, delegates also updated the IFCCD’s priorities for the coming years. The Federation will continue to work on trade agreements, the diversity of online cultural expressions and artificial intelligence, cultural policies in favor of the status of the artist, including mobility, and the freedom and diversity of artists. It will also mobilize to renew interest in the 2005 Convention among civil society, and in particular the next generation, and promote the role of culture in relation to sustainable development.

The next IFCCD Congress will be held in 2025-26. The date and venue will be announced at a later date.

    7th IFCCD Congress: New Board of Directors elected, action plan and priorities updated

    Press Release
    8 June 2023
    IFCCD Congress, Board of Directors