At the 6th Congress of the International Federation of Coalitions for Cultural Diversity (IFCCD), IFCCD members elected a new Board of Directors for the next four years. These newly elected representatives then appointed the new IFCCD officers.

The composition of the IFCCD Board of Directors is as follows:

  • Beat Santschi, President
  • Mane Nett, Vice President, Americas
  • Kodjo Cyriaque Noussouglo, Vice President, Africa
  • Ray Argall, Vice President, Asia Pacific
  • Mahamadou Adamou, Treasurer
  • Guillaume Prieur, Secretary
  • Holly Aylett, Administrator

The IFCCD management team is completed by Nathalie Guay, Secretary General.

At the General Assembly, delegates identified priorities and discussed action plans for the coming years. The IFCCD will work over the next three years on trade agreements, the diversity of online cultural expressions, the mobility of artists and data on the diversity of cultural expressions. It will also mobilize to renew interest in the 2005 Convention and will continue to monitor the Convention by ensuring the participation of civil society.

The next IFCCD Congress will be held in 2022-2023. The place and date will be announced in 2021.

    6th IFCCD Congress: Election of a new Board of Directors and new officers

    25 October 2019
    IFCCD Congress, Board of Directors