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IFCCD has joined with Culture2030Goal campaign partners to submit proposals to improve the zero draft of the Pact for the Future, to ensure that it seizes the opportunity to mobilize culture to achieve UN goals.

The Pact for the Future is the main document to emerge from the Summit for the Future, scheduled for September this year. It is the culmination of a process designed to ensure that the UN system – comprising its headquarters and its various agencies – is better able to achieve its goals in the fields of security, sustainable development and human rights.

The Culture2030Goal campaign has long argued that culture has a key role to play, not only as a sector with the power to bring about change, but also as a global dimension of sustainable development with a major effect on behavior and therefore on the effectiveness of policies.

The campaign therefore believes that culture must occupy an essential place in the Pact for the Future, as it is clearly focused on the “how” of the UN’s work, rather than the “what”.

Our comments aim to ensure that culture is emphasized as a catalyst for development in all areas, and in particular that the role of culture in building peace, supporting creativity and innovation, and enabling a new world to emerge, is not overlooked.

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    IFCCD joins its partners in the Culture2030Goal campaign in calling for culture to be included in the Pact for the Future.

    19 February 2024