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IFCCD members actively participated in the preparation of the report of civil society organizations, submitted in December 2017. On occasion, a questionnaire collected contributions from about 70 civil society organizations in the fall of 2017.

Barely a year later, the IFCCD considers that this report is still relevant. Moreover, since the IFCCD adopted an ambitious action plan at the Montreal Congress in October 2018, and given the tight deadlines for the production of the 2019 report, this report is intended to complement the 2017 report and to complement rather than replace the recommendations already made.

It should also be noted that to date, there has been no formal response to the thirteen key recommendations of the first report. Nor is there a process in place for feedback from the parties, which we will discuss later.

In this IFCCD report, we will focus on topics that were not specifically recommended in the 2017 report. We will also revisit the recommendations of the 2017 report on topics that are priorities for the IFCCD and its members.


    IFCCD 2019 Report on Civil Society Activities

    5 March 2019
    Online cultural expressions, Culture and commerce, Artists' rights