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The IFCCD is pleased to announce its partnership with the TradeLab at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. The collaboration will lead to a project focused specifically on the Asia-Pacific region. It aims to explore how cultural products have been treated in trade agreements and national policies in Asia-Pacific countries, as well as how cultural policies have been treated in these countries following the entry into force of the 2005 Convention.

More precisely, the project aims to provide a comprehensive review of bilateral and regional trade agreements, identify relevant clauses relating to cultural goods and services, and explore the role and influence of these agreements in promoting cultural diversity as required by the 2005 Convention. It will study the domestic measures and policies of the Parties that aim to preserve cultural diversity and discuss their compatibility with the Parties’ trade liberalization commitments.

    Cultural clauses in Asia-Pacific trade agreements: a project in partnership with TradeLab

    15 August 2021