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The June report begins with the discussions about the initiative of the Australian government to introduce a new regulation dealing with local content requirements for streaming services. The key concern is about the compliance of the new regulation with the Australia-US Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA). The report also highlights the letter coming from a US bipartisan group of House lawmakers, which called on US Trade Representative to address “trade barriers” for the US based music industry stemming from the Canada’s Online Streaming Act. In addition, the report focuses on the confrontation between Apple and Spotify regarding the implementation of the European Union (EU) Digital Markets Act. Moreover, the report focuses on debates toward the use of artificial intelligence (AI) by tech companies and copyright issues looking at Sony Music and TikTok. Finally, the report emphasizes new partnerships in the platform-based economy, focusing on HBO Max and streaming services in Southeast Asia.

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    Digital trade, culture and regulation issues

    Global watch
    27 June 2024
    Global Watch