The Togolese Coalition for Cultural Diversity (Coalition togolaise pour la diversité culturelle – CTDC) was created on May 25, 2004. It is one of the first and oldest national coalitions in Africa. It was born of the desire of cultural professionals, organizations and amateurs of culture and the arts to participate in international mobilization around the process of elaboration, ratification and implementation of the 2005 UNESCO Convention.

Today, the CTDC brings together some twenty cultural and creative organizations and structures as well as more than forty cultural professionals and amateurs in Togo. Since its creation, the CTDC has carried out and/or participated in the realization of several cultural and artistic activities in Togo and abroad. It is involved in the activities of its member organisations and structures by providing them with the expertise and resources necessary to understand the issues at stake in the 2005 Convention, particularly since the adoption of Togo’s cultural policy (March 2010) and the launch of the Culture Assistance Fund (2013).