The Collective of Experts and Cultural Entrepreneurs (CODEC) is an association under Cameroonian law created in 2012. It was born from the desire of a group of young professionals to provide concrete solutions to the development of the arts and culture sector in Cameroon.

CODEC, an association supporting the development dynamics of the Cameroonian cultural sector, is at the disposal of groups, organizations and individuals isolated from the rural, peri-urban, urban and diaspora world to carry out actions with them that enable collective and endogenous cultural development.

CODEC works on the following themes:

  • Cultural diversity
  • Digital and creativity
  • Art and social commitment/citizenship
  • Art and education
  • Art, democracy and governance
  • Art and health
  • Art and environment

Based on the actions of knowledge of the environment, analysis of the problems experienced on a daily basis by social and cultural actors, CODEC proposes to:

  • Provide cultural actors with the knowledge and know-how necessary for their actions;
  • Catalyze creativity, production and artistic diffusion;
  • Collect, analyze and make available qualitative and quantitative information on the Cameroonian cultural sector;
  • Contribute to the development of the territories’ cultural resources.