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Chad was represented at the second international meeting of coalitions and professional cultural organizations of member countries of the Francophonie from 19 to 22 September 2006 in Lomé. The Chadian Coalition for Cultural Diversity was created in N’Djaména in 2007 following this Lomé meeting.

The Chadian coalition is made up of several cultural and artistic organizations in Chad. It is coordinated by a board of five members who ensure its proper functioning.

The Chadian coalition is at the service of member organizations and provides them with advice, technical support, training and logic for field activities.

It carries out the following actions:

  • Training of young people (sound engineering, cultural management, cultural blogging,
  • Conferences and debates,
  • Lobbying with administrative and collective authorities in order to integrate culture into all development processes,
  • Accompaniment and advice to all cultural organizations in the country,
  • Networking for the dissemination of artistic works within Chad.