The UK Coalition for Cultural Diversity (UKCCD) is a founder member of the IFCCD and has key organizations such as the Federation of Entertainment Unions (all major arts unions) and the Association of Collection and Licensing Societies among its members. The coalition has limited resources but works with other organizations to influence agendas and research, mainly the Creative Industries Federation and What’s Next, an open association of arts organizations.

Knowledge of the 2005 Convention continues to be poor in the UK but UKCCD works with the government and the National Commission to raise its profile. It also promotes diversity agendas in key policy areas such as Brexit and works with the European Coalitions to monitor European regulation affecting the creative and cultural community.

The UKCCD was part of the steering group that submitted the civil society report to the Intergovernmental Committee on the 2005 Convention. It was one of the organizations that represented civil society at the Bureau and supported constructive discussions at the last Intergovernmental Committee in December 2018.