The Slovak Coalition for Cultural Diversity (SCCD) represents 20 large associations, including umbrella associations and authors’organizations, representing professionals from all artistic fields – music, visual arts, literature, theatre, television and film. It is the most representative and respected spokesperson for artists in Slovakia.

Since 2012, the President of the SCCD has been a member of the Culture Council of the Slovak Government and Vice-President of the Committee for the Strategy for the Development of Culture. He participates with other members of the SCCD in several committees and advisory bodies of the Ministry of Culture.

This cooperation with the Ministry of Culture has resulted in the adoption of several legislative proposals in favour of the Slovak cultural sector. It also had an impact on the increase in the budget of the Arts Support Fund, which doubled between 2015 and 2018. The SCCD is also working with the Ministry of Culture on the issue of the status of artists in order to pave the way for improvements in the current situation of Slovak artists.