The Confederation of Arts, Culture and Handicraft (CACH) is the indian national network that provides a platform for organizing, showcasing and promoting artists and arts, culture and crafts at the national and international level. With 365 members and institutions representing more than 25 states and territories, the CACH Secretariat supports, convenes and responds to the needs of members, creates opportunities for collaboration and exchange, and provides leadership and reliable information on arts, culture and crafts in public life, for members and for the international community.

The Member States are at the heart of the Confederation and its work. They share a common purpose and belief in the arts and culture as a public good; they also share common priorities and professional concerns at the national level. The institutions of the National Members are, however, diverse in nature. National members represent arts councils and agencies, as well as ministries of culture, with an almost equal balance between these two types of institutions within the Confederation.